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Everyday absurdities.
Courageous, silly female heroes.
Personal, sincere art only.


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photo by Mike Sun

Sara Markovic Sara is aware she is one of many Saras. And another 8 billion people named differently.

With that in mind, her work is dedicated to the storytelling that kicks right into the archetypical

emotions. Her inspiration is rooted in characters that are flawed and paradoxical. They absolutely do not have it together - just like herself - but they are ready to make silly mistakes while pursuing their goals.


Born and raised in Belgrade, artistic and intellectual capital of the Balkans, Sara brings her unique upbringing to the US. 


Being a natural born nomad, she commutes between  LA, Boston and Eastern Europe, she brings her expertise in directing, screenwriting and producing to the atmosphere of the local filmmaking spirit. 

Playfulness is it the heart of her art, and she experimented with various formats and techniques, from autobiographical memoire-style documentary to as anally prepped live-action as it gets - the goal is to unearth personal and simple truths, while she lets the story guide the form. 


Her short fiction film The Brazilian travelled to Cannes Short Film Corner in 2019.
She is proud to have had her first feature documentary film, The Blacklisted, banned in Serbia due to its political controversy. However, “The Blacklisted” is being streamed on Amazon Prime, Tubi and Roku. 

She was lucky enough to have interned for Arch and Bow films, whose films are Tribeca and Sundance official selections!

Sara is a member of Serbian Association of Filmmakers, and she holds an MFA from Emerson College in Boston, USA.

Other than narrative films and docs, she directs commercials, music videos and is now in production and development of 5 projects.  This year she produced a feature film Ugly Sweater with Purple Magnet Productions, shot on locations in Massachusetts and LA. What Sara finds most inspiring is to collaborate with devoted filmmakers, helping them produce new, bold art that resonates. Somehow, they also happen to be courageous, silly women themselves.

Photo by Luka Hrubik


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Purple Magnet Productions Sara Markovic
Leading production for commercials in Serbia, She Films, CEO Minja Jovanovic
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